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( Autumn 2005)
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Helps you gather all your wedding memories (eg: dating photos, pre-wedding photos, wedding day photos, honeymoon photos, videos, guests greetings, love stories etc..) in one place that is accessible to all your friends and relatives 24 hours a day, worldwide, forever. This website will become a precious wedding keepsake for you and your spouse.  
As more and more people are getting online, a wedding website becomes a sensible solution for sharing important information about your wedding.  
It helps built up excitement and anticipation towards your big day.  
It is a touching and personalized wedding detail that your friends and guests would remember.  
Enables you to share the event with those unable to attend your big day.  
CROSS PLATFORM SUPPORT: Our websites support cross platform browsers. Thus, no matter what kind of browser / computer your guest is using, he or she will still be able to view your website perfectly (i.e.: latest Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, using PC or Mac).  
PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE TEAM: We share the same creative team as our mother company, AKADESIGN. Our designers all had years of experience in building websites for clients of all sizes.  
100% ORIGINAL: All of our designs had all been wholeheartedly & originally created by our designers from scratch to its fullest detail. Since our first release of Angelica and Summer Garden back in year 2002, our works had been an inspiration source to many. Our designers take strong pride in our works and would continue to deliver creative products to our clients.  
BEST VALUE PACKAGE: Besides our beautiful & personalized designs, our packages are fully loaded with attractive and useful features such as unique domain name, forever website hosting, 200 photo spaces, flash introduction, photo scanning, memory CD, RSVP, 8 content sections, 3 video clips placement, e-invitation, gift registry and more...  
PERSONAL TOUCH: Our designers would help customized your website to match seamlessly with your photos. We also offer full ranges of customization options such as changing background images, background colours, fonts, and layout for our Half Custom Package & Full Custom Package customers. Please contact us to see more of our clients' samples to understand how we make each clients' website unique.  
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