The procedure for ordering your Happymoments video can be illustrated in the 8 steps below:
Tell us how you want your video to look like. We will customize the video to match your ideas with our video style. You may take a look at our Video Samples to see the video effects available at Happymoments. Welcome to contact us to see other clients' reference.
At Happymoments, our video packages are classified by the number of songs used. For package details, please visit 'Our Packages' section.
Place your order by filling in our video order form.
Make your full payment by using either bank transfer to our Hong Kong Bank account, by cheque, or by credit card.
Note down the pay-in slip's reference number. We will need it for our internal record.
Arrange clearly the sequence that you wish your photos to appear in for each part(s) of your video. Please also mark down any special instruction such as captioning or indication when necessary.
The photos can be submit to us either by hand, by courier, by email*, or by FTP upload*
Allow 3 full working days for the scanning procedure to complete upon receiving of all photo materials and instructions.
* If you prefer yourself to do the photo scanning, please scan each photo in a size not less than 350 dpi. Best quality jpg format is preferred.
Upon receiving your photos, your song files, your photo sequence and video instruction, it would take us 20 full working days for video production.
Your video will be send to you online for approval
Please allow additional 3-5 working days for corrections (if any)
Upon approval, your final video file will be converted & saved onto DVD & VCD

We will deliver the final video to you by post, by courier, or by hand.



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