The wedding website production workflow can be illustrated in the 8 simple steps below. If you come across any questions or anything unclear about, please email us or take a look at our FAQ section. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.  

At Happymoments, we have a collection of website design samples ready for you to choose from. Go through each and everyone of them and choose the style and package that most represents you and your wedding. We also have additional customized website samples available upon direct enquiry for your selection.
Note down the style name & package type.
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Think of an unique and easy to remember address for your site. A domain address is like a home for yourself on the internet. It belongs to you once you've register it. The limit is only your imagination.

In some cases, the domain address you like may have been coincidentally taken by somebody else already. To check availablilty of the domain, simply type in the address below:

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* This step only applies to those who wish to have a personalized unique domain for their wedding website (i.e.: You can also choose a sub domain address under (eg: as your forever website address.  
Place your order by filling in our order form.
All the package options will be available as check boxes in our order form. After filling in and submitting the order form, we will contact you by email within 24 hours with an order summary and order tracking number for your record and submission procedures.
Make your 50% deposit payment by using either bank transfer to our Hong Kong Bank account, by credit card via Paypal, or by cheque.
Note down the pay-in slip's reference number / transaction number. You will need it as our reference for material submission.
Submit all your site's text & photo content by email, by hand, or by FTP upload.
If you wish us to do the photo scanning, you may gather all your photos in the correct order and categories and contact our staff once ready for pickup. The photos will be return to you after 3 full working day (i.e.: when the photo scanning procedure completes).
Should you prefer yourself to do the photo scanning, all photos must be scanned in size not less than 800 pixels x 600 pixels, non-progressive best quality jpeg. You may refer to our suggested scanner setting, which is 400dpi, 100% for a regular 3R or 4R photo.
Once we have received all your materials & special instruction, we can start production.
From Step 5, wait for 10 working days.*
This is the time our designers would customize your website by putting in your content into the chosen layout. We would carefully make the required adjustments on our layout so that our design could match seamlessly with your photos.
* The 10 working days production period only applies to Template Package with no add-on special request. For Half Custom Package, Full Custom Package, or Template Package with special request, please discuss with us in advance on exact production time required.
Your site is ready for preview. Proofread the content of your site carefully. Should there be any mistakes / design changes that you wish to make, simply write down all changes in ONE list and email us. We would complete the requested changes within 3-5 working days.
Your site will then be ready for recheck until approval for launch.
Upon confirmation for launching, your site will be uploaded to your website address for official launching.
You can now start sharing your wedding photos with your friends ONLINE! A DIY ecard sending platform will be provided to you to make your announcement easily with your own photo.
We want you to be absolutely delighted with your Happymoments wedding website. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please email us an offline request within 3 days with a note explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. We will be happy to refund 50% of your purchased price. Email us at or call 3116 1508 for more information.
Sorry, we cannot refund rush orders, special requests or full custom wedding websites.


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